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Fit jeans without trying them on.




Jeans are one of the hardest thing to fit and it can be frustrating to take 10 pairs into the dressing room only to have none of them fit. Here's a great tip from Author and Personal Stylist Sharon Billingham. This magic trick is guaranteed to help you find jeans in your right size without even trying them on....although she still recommends you do. Use this technique to select the correct size for you on any garment with a waist band - trousers or skirts. Sharon is a personal Style Coach and author of "Authentic Style", who inspires women to dress authentically. Sharon leads dynamic style training programsin groups and one-on-one. Through her Authentic Style program and her five-step FLAIR ® process, she helps women reconnect with their inner selves, express themselves congruently through their appearance and acquire confidence in all areas of their lives. Coach Me Beautiful is a Sydney based personal styling and lifestyle coaching company. We believe when women love how they look in the mirror, they're happy, powerful and inspired. And that's when they do amazing thing in their lives. Find Coach Me Beautiful on these other social channels and sites Main Website: Twitter: Pinterest: YouTube: