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How to Wear Colored Jeans.




Bright Colored Jeans are a strong fashion trend. How do you wear them to look classy and not clownish after 40? Hi, I'm style expert Deborah Boland from Fabulous after 40. In this video I'll give you tips on how to dress casual and classy in colored jeans at any age. You may like colored jeans you have been seeing out there. Red jeans, cobalt blue, jeans, purple jeans, green jeans...the list goes on. Now you can get any color under the sun. If you have wanted to try a pair but worry they will emphasize your heavy bits, I have some solutions. There are ways to wear colored jeans so you don't look heavy at all. Looking fab in colored jeans has partly to do with the style of jean. It also has to do with what you wear up top with your colored jeans. I explain this in greater detail in this video and show you examples. Accessories can make or break this look and I explain this too. So be sure to take a look and pick up some great ideas. Fashion should be fun. Add some color to your wardrobe and life to your looks with a pair of colored jeans. They'll make you look Age-Amazing. Don't forget to drop by my website You can pick up a pick up a copy of my free special report: 5 Massive Mistakes That make you look Too Old, or Too Young and How to Get It Just Right.